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tablet on sheepskin with BuffaloWoman and her guitar on the screen


Hello! Come gather around this virtual campfire. Pull up a stool or sit on that cooler over there. Did you bring an instrument?  If not, that's ok, you can sing along. Can I get you a beer? Ginger Ale?  Cactus juice? Struth? There's a plate of cheese and apple slices over there if you're hungry....



Buckskinner Shopping (Gonna Go Home and Make One) 3:57

Coming Home 2:17

Liberty 2:44

Cyberskinner 2:36

S A D Vlad 2:04

The Dog Soldier Song 2:59

Past Time 2:17

Hundred Penny Dollar 3:22

Pilgrim's Progress 2:37

Scottish Weather 3:07

Shine Your Light 2:16

So Many Books 6:02

The World is a Cat Toy 3:26

Sing All Together (When the Guitars Get Drunk) 3:44

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Jane Cassidy: vocal, guitar, banjo, ukelele.  Steve Keefer: chorus vocal, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, percussion Recorded at Barking Dog Studio, Sidney OH in 2016

(All lyrics and melodies by Jane Cassidy, except The Dog Soldier Song, which is a parody of a 1949 parody of an 1865 song by Henry Clay Work, The Ship That Never Returned, now in the public domain.)