My Music

My Music

I have at this point four albums.

Is That A Real Fire? is the first one.  It's been around since 1995, but yes, people still ask us if it's a real fire.  Yes, darn it, Hooligan's Holiday is still relevant.  It still tells the stories and evokes the woodsmoke of Rendezvous campfires past and future.

When The Hooter's Got Your Knife came out in 2014

CYBERSKINNER came out in 2016.

Like Real Fire, they are Rendezvous flavored albums, lit by firelight, smelling of woodsmoke, sprinked with love and humor.

No, you do not need to be a buckskinner / rendezvouser / reenactor / living history buff to enjoy them.

In between Hooter and Cyberskinner, I did a third album, Whole New World, which is twelve songs for recovering people.  If you're in the program, you'll enjoy it.  If you have a friend in the program, it'd make a nice gift.