Songs and Lyrics for Is That A Real Fire

Is That A Real Fire? includes these original songs:

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Rain on the Lodges
    What it's like to weather a storm with friends, safe and warm, in a tipi.
Buckskinning Song
    Joy is the fortune of Buckskinner kind. Find out why.
The Pack
    The mountain men of the fur trade knew how to travel light. I want a pack like this.
Setting Up Camp
    Sometimes things don't go too smoothly.
    In a firestarting contest, you strike a light with flint and steel, get a "nest" of tow (linen fibers) burning, and use it to burn through a string, for time. If you're not a skinner, that will help you with this song.
Is That A Real Fire?
These are all genuine, authentic, documented questions.
The Legend of White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman
    Gather around, listen and learn...
    There's something about a campfire...
The Great Alarm Clock Massacre (Saturday)
    My favorite fantasy!
    My daughter said it was her favorite of my songs - and she was never going to clean her room again.
Looking for Jim
True, true...
Hooligan's Holiday
    When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.
    Times have certainly changed.
Movin' On
    A song for when enough is enough.

all songs © Jane Cassidy