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Looking for Jim
© Jane Cassidy

It was at the Eastern Rendezvous, Big Mike was at the gate
When up came a flatlander, with a question that wouldn’t wait:

He said, I’m lookin’ for a guy with a big long beard,
An’ he camps in a canvas tent,
He’s got an animal name, and he wears buckskins.
Can you tell me where he went?

Mike laughed, said it sounds like a friend of mine,
Or maybe even me.,
Could you be a mite more specific
‘bout what his name might be?

The ‘tator says I think his legal name is Jim,
And he wears a coonskin hat,
I know you gotta know him, ‘cause
There can’t be too many like that.

  Copyright (c)2009 Buffalo-Woman.com & JustHost.com