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The Hapless Booshway (EPR 2011 song)

perpetrated by BuffaloWoman (Jane Cassidy) and BalladSingin’ Sue (Sue Mathieu)
In honor of Flick and the staff of the 2011 EPR.
Melody: Three Drunken Maidens, traditional.


There was a Hapless Booshway
Who came to Isle of Wight.
He planned to hold a Rendezvous.
His staff did everything right.
The site it was so beautiful,
The roads were all laid out,
Then the monsoons came and
Pushed the mud about.

The rain it fell on Wednesday eve,
It fell both hard and long
By Friday afternoon the
Entry road was gone.
The Skinners coming in that day
Could not get through the gate.
They lined up on the roadway
Where they would have to wait.

It rained some more on Saturday,
Likewise on Sunday too.
Opening, it was postponed.
It was too wet to do.
The sun came out on Tuesday morn,
It started to dry out,
Then rain and hail on Wednesday,
Wind blew the tents about.

There's a gator and Kubota,
A dozer and a truck,
Busy pulling skinners’
Rigs out of the muck,
There's 40 loads of sand me boys
And still it won't dry out.
All anyone could do was
Push the mud about.

The skinners have gone home now,
The crew has pulled them free.
They're washing all the mud out,
But keep the memory.
Mixed with the mud were shining times
We could not do without,
Nor could we do without the ones
Who pushed the mud about.
  Copyright (c)2009 Buffalo-Woman.com & JustHost.com