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Is That A Real Fire?

©  Jane Cassidy

Is that a real fire?  Is that a real hen?

Are those really clothes like they wore way back then?

            Yes, they ask it, they really ask it,

            They ask these questions wherever we go.

Is that a real gun?  Will it shoot?  Will it kill?

If I point it at you how much blood will it spill?

Is that a real cannon?  Is that a real ball?

If you stand behind when it goes off, you'll fall.

Your tipi's so big, it's so light and so bright,

But tell me, do you really sleep here all night?

Tim works at his forge, the sweat pours from his head,

But he's not a real smith, all the blacksmiths are dead.

I watched while you worked and I stood in the shade

And you bent that pot hook.  Tell me, is that handmade?

I see that you're dipping those wicks in that pot

And I've just got to know, is that candle wax hot?

Do you really eat Bambi?  Is that Thumper stew?

Well, we call it "dinner", it's "roadkill" to you.

Why'd so many battles have state parks for a site?

And why weren't the monuments hit by bullets in flight?

Is that really your dinner?  Is that a real ham?

Is that a real fire?  No, it's a hologram.


  Copyright (c)2009 Buffalo-Woman.com & JustHost.com