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The Legend of White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman

© Jane Cassidy

Over the prairies, the grass-covered plains, two young Lakota men go, through the sunshine and the rains, traveling careful, taking pains, watching for enemy, hunting the buffalo.

Sweep the horizon, watching the sky, into the far distance, see!  Something moving do they spy, something strange.  They wonder why.  Something is coming, it must be a Mystery.

Someone was coming,  surrounded with Light.  Somebody two-legged.  Who?  Flowing hair, with eyes so bright, with a bundle, came in sight.  She was so beautiful.  She was no one they knew.

She was so beautiful, she was alone.  One young Lakota man said though that woman was unknown, he would have her for his own.  His heart beating lustfully, he went full speed ahead.

Held in her arms with her shawl wrapped around, the man disappeared in a mist which swirled all around and through 'til the prairie breezes blew.  Dropped from her arms, his bones then crumbled into dust.

Over the prairies, the grass-covered plains, one young Lakota man's bones through the sunshine and the rains winds have scattered.  Naught remains of one who selfishly a Power tried to own.

Looking with awe at Her, respectfully, the other made a request:  "Will You please come home with me, Woman Power, Mystery.  Come share with my people the wisdom that you know best."

Over the prairies, the grass-covered plains, she bid the warrior go:  "Prepare a lodge to entertain me while I am in your domain and I will come to you.  I've spoken, it is so."

She brought them the Pipe with its bowl of red stone.  Wood was the stem.  Where they met, twelve Spotted Eagle feathers sewn.  The connection there was shown with All our Relatives, there through the calumet.

"Now gather, my People, for each step's a prayer on Grandmother's World we call Earth.  All on Earth, in Sea and Air, in Life's Circle we all share.  Pray with this Pipe and remember that All have worth."

Over the prairies, the grass-covered plains, the Power Woman did go.  In a wallow she has lain, and when she got up again, they saw she'd taken the form of White Buffalo.

  Copyright (c)2009 Buffalo-Woman.com & JustHost.com