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Setting up Camp
© Jane Cassidy

Melody: traditional (Scarborough Fair)


Come help me quickly unload this whole truck

Tent stakes, Ropes, Lodge poles, Dining Fly

In just a half hour with a little luck;

And we'll set up camp, you and I.


Just hold this pole while I put up the fly

Now it's fallen back down on the ground, tell me why?


Where are the tent stakes to hold this thing down?

They must be there somewhere, dear, just look around,


Dear, weren't you supposed to wrap rope around,

Before the lift pole left the ground?


Where is the lantern box?  It's left behind.

Not a candle or fire starter can I find.


Where are the sheepskins and the coffeepot?

They're 2 miles away in the darned parking lot.


Let's leave the inside for later, it's late.

Let's go and sing now, love, the camp chores can wait.

  Copyright (c)2009 Buffalo-Woman.com & JustHost.com