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The Buckskinning Song

© Jane Cassidy 1990

Oh, joy is the fortune of Buckskinner kind.

They can't be controlled, they can't be confined

Or beat by the stresses of modern day life,

For they go Rendezvousing, be they maid, man or wife.

Oh, I'm a Buckskinner, my fortune is bright

With woods walks by day and good music at night.

My clothes smell like wood smoke, by night and by day

And if you don't like it, just be on your way.


Your parents don't like me, they say I'm too strange.

I come dressed in buckskins, they think I should change.

They say I should spend my time more normally

Like maybe stayin' at home now and watching TV.

My gear is all loaded, my van's riding low,

So hop in beside me, to the Eastern we'll go.

My tipi's the right size for me and for you

And we'll have a grand time at the big Rendezvous.

We'll dress in fine brain tan or trade calico

Or just a brief loincloth that lets our hips show.

Good and authentic are the things we create

And we don't get up early ‘cause we party too late.


With hawk, knife and pistol our belts are arrayed.

Fine quilling and beadwork are proudly displayed.

We might shoot a flintlock, or a cap and ball,

And we'll even have fun if we don't score at all.

You haven't lived ‘til you've done parking detail

All day in the hot sun without water or ale.

If you're a dog soldier, in sun, rain and fog,

Well, they give you that name ‘cause you work like a dog.

The road is all muddy, the rain finally came.

To pack home wet canvas is all part of the game.

We'll dry tents and skins then, so they won't mildew,

Then we'll load'em back up for the next Rendezvous.

  Copyright (c)2009 Buffalo-Woman.com & JustHost.com